short links that raise money
for a good cause

how it works works just like any other link shortener, but with a twist. When you share a link, a fundraising ribbon is added to the top of the website you’re sharing, encouraging donations to the American Red Cross.




a whole new media channel created a new, user-fueled media channel, giving the charity a prominent media buy with no media spend. With a fundraising ribbon on any website shared, every share means more visibility and potential donations for the Red Cross.

“Each Time You Shorten A Link,
You Can Help The World”

“Share a Bit of ‘’
this Holiday Season”

“Really smart and clever...”


This new online media channel resulted in unprecedented engagement for the American Red Cross. Leading social influencers started using immediately with renowned media following suit. The success resulted in the Red Cross and Bitly making this an ongoing partnership, so will continue to encourage support for the charity.

+ links created

+ links clicked


PR and media budget